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Dirtbox Jams

[Music Project]

Strictly hardware driven electronic music Live Act. Inspired by Acid House, Electro, Detroit Techno and Ghetto House.

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Snuff Crew

[Music Project]

Being a part of this somehow mysterious music project dedicated to Chicago and Acid House. Jack your Body!

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Mono Elements

[Record Label]

Physical and digital releases of my own music. Mostly stuff to listen to at home, in the car and in the streets.

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[Record Label]

Dedicated to Dub Techno and Ambient, in cooperation with Traum Schallplatten and Salz Music. Defunct in 2017

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[Record Label]

The future largest label in the world releases music between experiment, parody and pop. KONZERN is also the name of my studio.

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[Music Project]

A downbeat LoFi Chillhop project. Find it in your favourite playlists and listen to it while working, chilling or floating.

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Graphic Design



[Graphic Design]

This is what I do for a living. Logo design, Adverts, Flyers, Posters, Websites, you name it. Not taking any freelance jobs at the moment, in case you ask.

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This is what happens when you like to draw but you totally suck at it. Gubi’s rather bad illustrations. Published mostly in FAZE Magazine.

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FAZE Magazine

[Graphic Design]

Since 2006 I have been designing FAZE Magazine together with my dear friend and colleague Laura Herz.

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Kabel und Knöpfe


In each episode of my german-language “Kabel und Knöpfe” podcast i introduce a synthesizer, drumcomputer or effects device and play a detailed demo.

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[YouTube Channel]

This is my YouTube channel, which I use for all my nerdy passions, like synthesizer and equipment videos, music videos and all that.




[Radio Station]

An internet radio station playing 24 hours of finest electronic music. Featuring special interest broadcasts in the evening.

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